August 2018

Best Bakery Treats

What’s a weekend without a trip to the bakery! From fresh bread and gourmet pies to doughnuts, tarts and cakes, there’s a tasty baked treat around every corner in the City of Unley.
Clear your diary and make room in your belly to sample the best artisan breads, pastries and sweets you’ll set your eyes on.

July 2018

Farina 00 Pasta & Wine

Farina 00 Pasta & Wine delivers a truly authentic and gourmet Italian experience. From home made pasta to flavourful slow braised sauces, only the best local and imported Italian ingredients are used. You’ll find a menu boasting some familiar favourites but expect to be wooed by their signature dishes and incredible Sicilian pizzas.

July 2018

Stay Healthy this Winter

Balanced, healthy living is a holistic approach, nourishing the mind, body and soul. This winter is the perfect time to find balance by achieving your peak level of health and wellbeing. We’ve rustled up five of the top places that will help you invest in your mind, body and soul now, so you collect dividends well into the future.

June 2018

Pink Carat

From engagement rings and wedding bands to occasion jewellery, pendants and earrings, each piece from Pink Carat is unique and lovingly crafted by hand and from scratch, using only the finest precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

June 2018

EOFY Made Easy

The new financial year is the perfect opportunity to rethink your future and align your goals with a thorough and well-prepared financial plan. Whether you’re starting your career or transitioning to retirement, getting married and growing your family, or want to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible, there’s no time like the present to make sure your future is secure.

May 2018

Barrow & Bench Mitre 10

As passionate about home renovations and DIY as they are creating the perfect garden sanctuary, Barrow & Bench Mitre 10 is your one-stop-shop for home and garden advice, inspiration and products.

May 2018

Pamper Your Pet

Just like us humans, our pups, pooches and fur-babies like to be clean, healthy and happy, and have the occasional outing for a bit of R&R.
We’ve sniffed out five local businesses that will make sure your pet – fins, feathers or fur – is well fed, primped and pampered from head to tail.

May 2018

Little City

A co-working space in the heart of Unley, Little City is a flexible working space populated by a community of motivated professionals. Located on Edmund Avenue and overlooking the Unley Village Green, you’ll find an open, airy and furnished co-working space which promotes and supports collaboration.

April 2018

Make Mum’s Day

Mum is definitely the word on 13 May, but we won’t be keeping quiet about the best gifts and experiences to make your Mum’s day one to remember!
Here’s a list of places that have you covered for Mother’s Day shopping and lunch, salon and spa experiences or an incredible bunch of blooms. Treat your Mum to something extra special.

April 2018

Nettle & Knead

If delicious baked treats are your thing, then look no further than Nettle & Knead. A feast for your senses from the moment you walk in the door.