A Classic Bunch
June 2017

Adelaide Classic Bunch

Where some people see an old fashioned Chrysanthemum, Adelaide Flower House sees a classic beauty, waiting to be re-vamped into a simple and elegant floral display.

“We are a true spirit of individuality, elegance and simplicity. We take the flowers that some other people overlook or consider old fashioned, like roses or chrysanthemums and make them really beautiful,” says owner Connie Rhigas.

Specialising in weddings and special events, Connie and her team are masters at turning your dreams into reality. Drawing on her 25 years of experience while owning Adelaide Flower House, Connie meets with her brides to talk about location, season, colours and styles to really understand what they picture for their special day.

Adelaide Flower House not only creates bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, but flowers for the entire bridal party and floral displays for your ceremony and reception. And you can rest assured, knowing that they can deliver and install your arrangements, exactly how and where you want them.

So if you are looking to spoil yourself or someone special with something that is timelessly classic you will find Adelaide Flower House at 43 Unley Road, Parkside. Or check out their website.