Give a Gift With a Story

If you’re looking for a gift idea that is a little bit different, a trip to Flourish on King William Road is a must. Owner Jackie Leo has an eye for unique and quirky gifts that often have a great story behind them.

“When we opened, we were just a gift and homewares store, but we have evolved into more of a lifestyle destination with clothes, shoes, accessories and just about everything” says Jackie. “I always try to make sure our gifts are good value. We have something in every price bracket.”

So what does Jackie predict will be on people’s Christmas lists this year?

“Books are big this year. Especially cookbooks. There is a big interest in healthy cooking, vegan, vegetarian, salads and green juicing. Or for those with more of a sweet tooth you can’t go past desserts!”

“People love to give our homewares because they have a story. You can buy a set of four mugs that have come from a 4th generation business. Or beautiful ceramic tableware, that was handmade in Sydney.”

Visit Jackie and her team this Christmas. You can find them at 114 King William Road, Hyde Park.