The Field Wholefoods

Good For You in So Many Ways!

The Field Wholefoods, located on King William Road, is a market style corner store with a huge range of bulk wholefoods, including grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, beans, flour and oils.

Whether you have allergies, follow a strict diet, are budget conscious or just like to buy nutritious wholefoods, The Field Wholefoods cater for everyone.

There are so many benefits to buying in bulk! It’s great for the environment – you can choose to take a recycled brown paper bag, or bring in your own containers. It’s great value – less processing and packaging means the savings are passed on to you. And there is less waste, because you can buy exactly how much you want, not how much a manufacturer puts in the package.

The range is massive! You can find everything you need, and more, under one roof. No more running from shop to shop.

You can also head to to find a great range of delicious recipes and meal ideas to create from the delicious wholefoods you buy.

Head into The Field Wholefoods at 158 King William Road, Hyde Park and discover for yourself the great benefits of buying nutritious bulk foods.