Tiff Manuell

Living Art At This Year’s Fashion Festival

Designer Tiff Manuell’s studio and retail store is a hive of activity as she and her team paint, sew and create her amazing range of bags and accessories.

Visitors are welcome to visit the showroom and see how each individual piece is created from a blank canvas. And each piece is truly individual! While they may be cut from the same cloth, each canvas is hand painted, so no two strokes or spots of paint are the same.

This, Tiff explains, has been a learning curve for her customers. Educating them that each piece is individual and sells quickly, so if you fall in love with a piece you have to jump on it straight away.

So what can we expect from Tiff Manuell at this year’s festival?

“This year will be really cool! We are setting up a large clear marquee in Victoria Square, which will resemble our studio space and working as usual. We will be painting and have canvases hanging. And we will be working from there.” Says Tiff

This living art concept, fits in with Tiff’s philosophy that her accessories are not typical fashion, but unique pieces of wearable art.

You can check out the Tiff Manuell range on her website or visit her studio at Suite 1, Rear of 153 Unley Road, Unley SA 5061.