Chiropractic Care In A Caring Environment

More Than Just Physiotherapy

Unley Physiotherapy has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff that will have you moving comfortably in no time!

With a focus on long-term management and prevention, they not only provide physiotherapy services, but a range of classes and groups to assist you in achieving better all round health and fitness.

Classes offered at Unley Physiotherapy include:

  • Pliates: Promoting strength, flexibility and postural alignment through low impact exercises that focus on core stability and breathing.
  • uFIT Outdoor/Indoor Exercise: For improved strength, mobility, posture and overall health. Classes offer the benefits of exercise in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Walking Group: This FREE walking group promotes fitness, socialisation and general wellbeing.
  • PD Proud: An exercise class for sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease involving re-education of the sensory/motor system, helping to re-calibrate the brain to create larger movements.

With all these services and more Unley Physiotherapy can create a customised plan to ensure effective, individual treatment. It is the perfect place to get your body and mind in shape.

Open from 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-12.30pm on Saturdays, it is easy to fit in an appointment with one of the friendly team at Unley Physiotherapy. You will find them at 3/160 Unley Road, Unley.