Must-Have Winter Warmers
August 2017

Must-Have Winter Warmers

Winter is here and pasta is back with new local favourite Godi La Vita, offering a crowd-pleasing contemporary take on the traditional Italian cuisine we all know and love.

Their winter menu is well considered with additions such as pork ribs, marinated by chef and owner Federico, and their Pecorino cheese wheel. The wine list is a treat and includes an exclusive collection of commissioned wines, including their new goes-with-everything sparkling shiraz.

What truly sets them apart is their perfection of the cheese-centric dish of 2017 – pasta cooked in a cheese wheel. Or maybe it’s the raclette – a melted cheese that everyone has fallen in love with and is adding to every dish on the menu including the chocolate ravioli.

Anyway, back to the cheese wheel. A sense of theatrics comes with the open kitchen, where you can watch the magic happen. Large cheese wheels are scooped out to form a bowl, and perfectly al dente strips of house-made pasta lovingly spooned in and coated with melting cheese. We’re told it’s the only way to eat pasta, and for the cheese lovers amongst us, this much is true.

Godi La Vita is open Tuesday through to Sunday.

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