Simple, Beautiful and Affordable Flowers
June 2017

Simple, Beautiful and Affordable Flowers

You can’t stroll down King William Road without noticing the stunning display of flowers and potted plants spilling out of Flowers 152.

Specialising in cut flowers, the simplicity of this market style florist is what makes it stand out from the crowd. As you enter you are stunned by an amazing display of single variety flowers wrapped in brown paper, which shows you nature doesn’t need bells and whistles to impress.

The team at Flowers 152 love flowers and are passionate about creating simple and beautiful bouquets that are affordable, long lasting and easy to care for. You can choose from the range on display, or speak to the friendly team about creating your perfect bouquet.

If you love flowers but are looking for something more long lasting, Flowers 152 have got you covered. Their selection of potted plants, that could be described as living bouquets, include sunflowers, lilies, orchids and a gorgeous selection of succulents.

Open from 7am till 7pm daily, Flowers 152 is the perfect (and convenient) place to pop in and pick up flowers for your home or office, or for someone special. You can find them at 152 King William Road, Hyde Park.