Nettle & Knead

Nettle & Knead

84 Duthy Street, Malvern SA 5061
(08) 8373 0370



The find… An artisan bakery offering an eclectic range of delicious breads, pastries and treats.

The crowd… A popular spot on Duthy Street, there is sure to tempt all taste buds at Nettle & Knead.

The inside word… A delicious blend of rustic breads, pastries, wholesome and handmade goodies – Nettle & Knead is bringing a holistic approach to the old school bakery.

The name brings together nettle, which symbolises earthy, natural wholefoods and knead, an old world baking technique.

Previously named Wild Loaf, owners James and Katharine has taken Nettle & Knead in a new direction.

James said the store is experimenting and expanding the product range of organic sourdough and hand-made pies and pasties.

“We are starting to integrate a natural and wholefoods element into the shop so we are doing sandwiches and salads, quiches and more homely, hearty sort of cooking,” he said.

“The nettle component means we will be using whole ingredients and as much organic and locally sourced produce to bring quality as well as a more mindful approach to our food.”

If you are looking for a bakery treat, James said a must-try is the sourdough or for a healthier choice the beetroot tart with filo pastry and basil pesto is sure to hit the spot.

Nettle &Knead is open Tuesday to Friday from 7am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 3pm.To find out more visit the Nettle & Knead Facebook page.