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Fade Fast Laser Tattoo Removal

Fade Fast Laser Tattoo Removal

73 King William Road, Hyde Park SA 5061
(08) 8373 7454


ABOUTThe find… Aspecialistlaser clinic offeringthe latest technology in skin care.

The crowd… For those wishing to say goodbye to a tattoo or looking for specialised skin care.

The inside word… Despite the popularity of tattoos, sometimes we change our mind or regret our ‘ink’ and that’s where Fade Fast Laser Tattoo Removal comes to the rescue!

The clinic offers the best possible treatment for tattoo removal as well as other skin treatments.

Fade Fast will remove unwanted tattoos or can modify and make changes to existing tattoos; they are able to fade all or part of a tattoo for cover-ups.

The clinic also offers mole and hair removal services as well as laser teeth whitening.

With over twenty years experience in the industry,the staff at Fade Fast use only the latest state-of-the-art laser technology to produce only the best results. They are all fully qualified laser practitioners.

Treatment costs vary depending on the size, colour and complexity of the tattoo.

This can be discussed with the friendly Fade Fast staff during your initial consultation, so that all your needs are met.

The search is over, been thinking of removing that unwanted tattoo or making changes then the solution is at Fade Fast Laser Tattoo Removal.