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Hyde Park Dental

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Hyde Park Dental has been providing customised comfortable dental services to its clients for nearly 40 years. We take great pride in basing our success on “word of mouth” marketing only and providing preventive treatment options to individual needs. Our goal is to not only assist clients in retaining their natural teeth but to also ensure that any future problems are prevented.

Our practice offers a full range of restorative and cosmetic procedures. We go to great lengths to inform clients of the current status of their dentition (via intra oral cameras) and then take the time to explain what treatment options are available to them. Fees are fully discussed beforehand so that clients can make an informed choice on what treatment best suits their budget and schedule.

Hyde Park Dental operates on the principle that the client is the most appropriate person to make the final treatment choice. Of course this needs to be an informed choice; so much of our practice philosophy is based on providing clients with the information that assists them to make such decisions, whether it is a complex treatment or indeed a “no treatment” option.

Nowhere is this more relevant then in dentistry. At Hyde Park Dental great consideration is given to the prevention of future problems. This can sometimes be as simple as our hygienists offering advice on dietary habits or tooth brushing technique. On the other hand it may also relate to the fragile nature of heavily filled teeth that display signs of cracking due to many years of wear and tear.