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Sonder Hairdressers

Sonder Hairdressers

64a King William Road, Goodwood SA 5034
(08) 8271 5600



The find… A boutique salon on King William Road offering the best in haircuts, colours and treatments.

The crowd… Sonder Hairdressers will have everyone looking fabulous!

The inside word… Sonder is described as the “realisation that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”.

At Sonder Hairdressers they take their namesake to the next level, creating gorgeous, individual and unique hairstyles to suit each client’s personality.

Sonder Hairdresser’s Casey Carter said the salon is made up of a team of passionate hairdressers who draw on years of experience, working and traveling the world.

“Our clients always comment on how comfortable they feel in the salon, it’s a fun and relaxed environment and we take the time to really get to know our clients,” Casey said.

“Our industry is all about people, we love learning about our clients and building relationships with them.”

The salon strives to be on the forefront of the latest trends and skills and adapts them to each and every client.

Sonder Hairdressers is open from Tuesday from 10am to 5.30pm, Wednesday from 10am to 7.30pm, Thursday from 10am to 8pm, Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

For more information visit the Sonder Hairdressers Facebook Page or to book an appointment call (08) 8271 5600.