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Create in Stitch

Create in Stitch

433A Fullarton Road, Highgate SA 5063
(08) 8377 7792


Anyone who loves creating with needle and thread will feel right at home at Create in Stitch.

Their walls are lined with cotton, wool and silk threads in all the colours of the rainbow. They carry an extensive range of luxurious Swiss Voile and silk fabrics gracefully draped over rolls and shelves are neatly stacked with cosy wool blanketing and quality linens. Create in Stitch is one of the few places where you can still have heirloom garments for christening and special occasions made to order.

At one end of the store you will find a large selection of magazines and books and a vast choice of embroidery kits and patterns. From the novice to the seasoned embroider, you are bound to find a project you love at Create in Stitch. Or why not join one of their regular chat stitch and chat class.